Make a Noisy Copy

When you make a copy of an audiocassette tape or a VHS tape, the copy has more noise than the original. If you make a copy of the copy, then you will get even more noise. Noise can be thought of as a random modification of the original. This principle is illustrated in this applet, which makes a copy of a melody. Since we are working in the digital domain, we could make a perfect copy each time. But instead, when we make a copy of the melody we will alter it randomly in a subtle way.

To do:

  • Click on the drawing of the melody to hear it. It is the box with the dots.
  • Make a copy by hitting the Make a Noisy Copy button. It may be exactly the same or slightly different.
  • Play the copy by clicking on it.
  • Keep making copies and notice how they get further and further from the original.
  • Hit Reset and try it again with a new song.